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Understand your prospects and customers better than ever with insights from Lytics, the customer data platform built for B2B marketers.

What is Lytics?




Built for marketers, Lytics customer data platform (CDP) collects and analyzes first-party behavioral and affinity data based on the actions your customers take in your mobile app, online ads, website and marketing emails.

Then its machine-learning decision engine gives your marketing team the insights they need to deliver personalized marketing experiences in real time through your digital channels.

What's slowing down your marketing team?


Many B2B companies face technical, organizational, and budgetary challenges that hold them back. With Lytics CDP, B2B marketers can use machine learning insights to personalize their marketing and deliver results.

Disparate data sources

Disparate data sources

With data stored in multiple platforms and first-party data inaccessible without IT support, B2B companies need to break down technical silos that prevent them from using the data they already have.

incomplete customer profiles

Incomplete or inaccurate customer profiles

Customer profiles must pull data from various marketing and IT data sources and also be linked to company accounts at different stages of the buying process before marketers can deliver relevant content.

wasted ad spend

Wasted ad spend

Inability to create accurate segments in ad networks and poor visibility into which marketing campaigns are delivery results prevents brands from targeting the right audience with advertising.

Difficulty measuring success

Difficulty measuring success

Companies using content marketing often struggle to understand which content is most effective, especially when their prospects work in different industries, have different job titles, and play different roles in the buying process.

Benefits of a CDP

Is your team is ready to get a single view of your customers and start reaping the benefits of a CDP? Download the guide to find out.

B2B marketing is personal too

Analyze your digital content

Your company’s customers may be other large organizations, but the people who make the decision to buy are just that: people. They have their own roles, responsibilities, challenges, and preferences.

And you have to be aware of them to market to them successfully. That might mean delivering content that’s suited to their role or that reflects where they are in the buying process.

Lytics content affinity engine analyzes your digital content and measures visitors’ interactions with it, so it can deliver the content that matters most to them in real time.

Learn how Lytics helps B2B content marketers in this blog post from Mary Burbridge.

See how leading B2B companies are using Lytics



Use visitor behavior data to drive on-site, real-time content recommendations across digital properties (websites, apps, and blogs) and channels (email, ads, and SMS).


Account-based marketing

Use machine learning, behavior scoring, and predictive analytics to deliver relevant experiences to team members based on their roles and responsibilities.


Cross-sell and churn predictions

Predict how likely given users are to progress to desirable (or undesirable) lifecycle stages, then take actions to increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes.


Actionable insight

Rather than accumulating data of dubious value in a data lake or warehouse, focus on key behavioral data that predicts outcomes and provides insights you can act on in real-time.


Companies looking to extract value from their data turn to Tableau for visualization software. But to get the most out of their data, Tableau built a best-of-breed CDP stack featuring Lytics as the decision engine.


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