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There was a time when CPG companies could rely on third-party data, retail channels, and interruptive advertising to market their products to consumers.

Not anymore.

Digitally native companies like Amazon revolutionized how brands engage their customers, and recent events like COVID and privacy regulations governing third-party data are raising the stakes even higher.

Leading CPG companies are choosing Lytics.

Built for marketers, Lytics customer data platform (CDP) collects first-party behavioral and affinity data, so you understand what resonates with your customers. Then its machine-learning decision engine gives your marketing team the ability to deliver relevant, timely personalized marketing experiences in real-time.

Brands like P&G, Nestle Purina, General Mills, and Electrolux have reshaped their marketing strategy to engage with customers directly, producing results like:

Direct-to-consumer isn't optional anymore.

CPG brands used to be able to use third-party data and cookies to target consumers and deliver personalized experiences. That’s not the case anymore--and not because consumer expectations have changed. Consumers still demand individualized treatment, but Apple and Google are restricting third-party cookies, and regulations like GDPR and CCPA are increasing the risk associated with using other organizations’ data.

And third-party data doesn’t provide the personal touch. Demographic segments aren’t as valuable in a world where behavioral data provide over 80% of the predictive value in customer profiles. Leading brands have shifted to first-party data to better understand their customers, giving them the ability to deliver true 1:1 marketing experiences at scale.

Research firm Vanson Bourne discusses the demise of third-party data in this survey report from 2020

What's stopping you from true 1:1 marketing?

Many companies want to implement a CDP to achieve truly personalized marketing, but find themselves confronted by organizational obstacles. With Lytics, CPG brands can use the power of digital experiences to build personal relationships with their customers.


No first-party data strategy

Many CPG brands are disconnected from their end customers by retail or other sales channels. Brands need to start understanding and cultivating customers from initial interest through purchase and into advocacy.


Inability to personalize at scale

Marketers lack the technology needed to create personalized experiences for website visitors, deliver ads based on product interest, and drive subscriptions in real-time.


Technical data silos

With data stored in multiple platforms and first-party data largely inaccessible without IT support, CPG companies need to break down technical silos that prevent them from taking advantage of the data they already have.


Organizational silos

CPG companies own multiple brands, each with their own customers and data, and are just as vulnerable to the traditional IT-Marketing divide as other enterprises.


Wasted ad spend

Inability to create accurate segments in ad networks and poor visibility into which marketing campaigns are delivering results prevents brands from targeting their audience effectively.

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Accelerate digital transformation with Lytics

The value of the CDP has traditionally been in its ability to gather all the data about customers in a single place, allowing marketers to understand their customers.

But something gets lost when a CDP just gathers data. A collection of more data isn’t insight. It’s just more information. Lytics machine-learning decision engine delivers insight into your customers by combining the right data with the right data science.

Lytics collects the first-party information your customers generate interacting with your digital properties, and it intelligently pushes out the appropriate experience through your existing marketing technology stack.

What makes Lytics different?

Built for marketers

Lytics puts the power of data science in marketers’ hands, so they can deliver on marketing goals: increasing ROAS, improving customer LTV, and boosting revenue.

1st-party behavioral data

Your customers tell you what they want with every tap, scroll, and click in your app, website, and emails. Lytics collects this data, which offers more predictive value than traditional third-party demographic data.

Content affinity

Lytics tags content and tracks users’ interactions with it, so it can accurately predict what other content--or products--will be appealing to them, then offers up timely, relevant recommendations, deepening engagement and generating revenue.

Actionable insight

Data for data’s sake is just digital clutter. Lytics’ machine-learning decision engine analyzes the data and offers insights within a week, so you can make strategic decisions that improve ROAS, conversions, and engagement.

Lookalike modeling

Define customer and prospect segments that you want to replicate, and let Lytics’ machine learning algorithms identify similar audiences to target with appropriate experiences across your martech stack.

What can Lytics do for you?

Lytics CDP connects to your data sources and builds customer profiles that provide data-based insights to improve your marketing results, so you can deliver personalized 1:1 marketing experiences through all your activation channels in real-time.

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